Monday, August 17, 2009

The Infomercial Christmas Story- As Seen On TV Product Reviews

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dressage Horses and Warmbloods For Sale

I have been hard at work redesigning & adding new features to my horse classified web sites.

As a regular horse seller and importer, I was not happy with the horse classified web sites out there so I decided to rebuild my old site (and create two new ones) from about 9 years ago to be modern (use web video)

Most sites are/were:
  • Expensive- charge to renew ads every 90 days.
  • Don't have decent video for a reasonable price.
  • Play a lot of games with ads such as preferred placement for fee, etc.

Some of the sites have gotten better and a lot have not.

Check out my sites so far and let me know what you think. Warmbloods For Sale with Video Dressage Horses For Sale


Friday, August 11, 2006

Recent horse buying trip to Holland and Germany

We have been traveling through Holland and Germany for nearly ten days. No stops to see the sites- too many horses and so little time. We are always late to the next farm in spite of traveling at unregulated Autobahn speeds for hours each day.

Here are a few not-so- horsey things we saw along the way. Most of the intesting stuff is off the beaten path- which we tried to stay on.

This was one of many windmills in Germany at a farm.

This castle was a small one in west Germany that we saw while on the way back from Holland inside Germany.

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More photos of Rex

Ok- here are a few more photos of Rex. For some reason Picasa did not grab all of the photos selected and put them into the blog.

Although a very cute puppy, Rex can be wild and bite a lot so we are working on getting him to chew things other than us.
Here is a video I made of him just after we got him. Posted by Picasa

Rex the Rocket- Chihuahua puppy

We found this chihuahua puppy about a week ago in Carthage North Carolina.
We recently lost our old toy fox terrier and thought we would find something a little small to medium sized. The toy breeds are so small to have around a horse farm. Anyway, we came back from Holland (while horse shopping) last month where we saw some Jack Russell puppies and adults that we liked. We thought we would get one of those. We made one last trip to the humane society thinking we could maybe find a dog who could really use a home, but found nothing but older dogs who barked a lot. Its hard when you do not know the breed of a dog and cannot tell how its temperament will be or how big it will become.

Rex as we call him, was found as a bit of a fluke. We saw this old western tack shop that was never open when we drove by. It appeared to be open so we stopped in to see what they had. My wife asked the owner if she knew of any Jack Russell puppies that anyone might have. I thought this was a crazy question since this was not a dog store but a tack shop. I guess since we had just seen so many Jack Russells at horse farms it was a logical question- sort of.

The lady replied that she had seen some sort of smaller dog advertised at the Carthage post office. We felt like taking a drive and so ended up scanning the bulletin board to see what sort of dog was for sale in a small town post office. As it turns out, the dogs were Chihuahuas. I had been really wanting one of these but thought that they were too small for us. Also, many of them are not the prettiest dogs you will ever see. I also did not want to drive for several hours to breeders looking for the right dog.

We decided to call the number on the ad. As it turns out the breeder was across the street at her antique store. She came out and we followered her to her home a few blocks away. She had 4 or 5 puppies along with the mother and father (which is really nice to see). They were very nice dogs.
This is a rambunctious little dog with a lot of energy. He is a lot of fun at just 7 weeks old now. Posted by Picasa